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Inkjet printing system

LCD, OLED 기판이나 반도체, PCB 등 전자 소재 위에 프린트헤드로부터
미세노즐을 통해 잉크방울을 분사시켜 Pattern을 형성하는 장비 브로셔다운로드
  • ㆍOLED Encap, RGB, HIL, HTL and other display RGB compatible
    ㆍN2 Environment Process - O2 / H2O : < 1 ppm
    ㆍSubstrate - Up to 6.5G Half Printing System
    ㆍDifferentiation technology - Chuck Mura free
    - Visible Mura by STI’s Printing Algorithm
    - EPC (Edge Profile Control) Tech.
    - Uniform & Optical Clear Organic Film
    - Various Printing Mode (Normal, Tilting, Random, …)
    - Provides customized, compatible ink & equipment
    ㆍProvide logistics & Turnkey - PT, VCD, OVEN, Load Lock, Purifier, N2BOX, TM…
  • OCI Printing System
    ㆍBeta Coating / 3D Coating ㆍSimplification of process ㆍApplicable to every model ㆍMura free ㆍWide range of thickness ㆍEase of job changing ㆍLow CoO ㆍCleanness ISO Class 10