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Reflow & Wet Blast

다양한 Slurry를 노즐로 분사하여 Wafer 및 Glass의 표면에 있는
Crack 제거 또는 표면처리를 통해 표면조도를 조절할 수 있는 장비 브로셔다운로드
  • Application - Removal of edge glue on TSV bonded wafer
    - Removal of glue on TSV carrier wafer
    - Full-cut process for TSV bonded wafer
    - Glass edge end polishing and reinforcement(LCD / OLED)
    Advantages - No chipping/cracking on TSV device wafer
    - Process simplify(Edge partial cutting, cleaning process)
    - Control of removal rate by vision system(National project)
    - Cost reduction compared to mechanical process
    - Lower operation cost than mechanical process
  • Principle of Wet blast - Wet blast’s three component : Slurry, DI, Air
    - Wet blast’s three component : Slurry, DI, Air
    - Eco-friendly process without chemicals
    - Suit for thin wafer / thin glass process with low pressure process
  • Specification -Slurry material : Resin / SiC
    - Removal area : Bevel top/ Side / Bottom