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Special LCD

  • HB Bar LCD란? ※ HB : High Brightness
    고온 액정 LCD Module의 일반적인 화면비(4 : 3, 16 : 9)를 넘어서, 공간적 제약을 받는 장소에 고객이 원하는 Size로 LCD Module를 가공하여, 옥외용 광고, 교통 정보 표시 장치 등으로 다양하게 사용할 수 있는 Display Solution

    품질 활동
    ISO 9001 / 14001

    • Optical Inspection

    • Screen Inspection

    Resized under License from Pixel Scientific, Inc., USA. This product is not licensed to be used in the aerospace, military, and other industries in which resized electronic displays are used by trained, in-training, and/or licensed operators to control and/or monitor the performance of a computer, machine, system, device, and/or process in real time.

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